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 10 X 14mm-16mm Mini Fuel Line Jubilee Hose Clips Clamp Diesel Petrol Pipe Coolant Radiator


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 10 X 14mm-16mm Mini Fuel Line Jubilee Hose Clips Clamp Diesel Petrol Pipe Coolant Radiator

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10 X Mini Fuel Line Jubilee Hose Clips Clamp Diesel Petrol Pipe Coolant Radiator

Mini Fuel Line Jubilee Hose Clips are essential components used to secure and seal hoses in various automotive and industrial applications. Designed to provide a tight and reliable grip, these small but mighty clamps play a crucial role in keeping fuel lines, diesel and petrol pipes, coolant hoses, and radiators securely connected.

1. Versatility: These jubilee hose clips are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations. Whether you need to secure a fuel line in your car, a diesel pipe in a generator, a petrol pipe in a lawnmower, or a coolant hose in an industrial machine, these clips are up to the task.

2. High-Quality Materials: The mini jubilee hose clips are typically made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or zinc-plated steel. This ensures they can withstand the rigors of automotive and industrial environments, including exposure to various fluids and temperature changes.

3. Adjustable Size: One of the key advantages of jubilee hose clips is their adjustable size. They feature a screw mechanism that allows you to tighten or loosen the clip to fit hoses of different diameters. This flexibility makes them suitable for various hose sizes.

4. Secure Fastening: Once properly installed, these clips provide a secure and leak-proof connection. They prevent any fluid leaks from the hoses, ensuring efficient fuel or coolant delivery and minimizing the risk of accidents or breakdowns.

5. Easy Installation: Jubilee hose clips are relatively easy to install. They typically feature a slotted screw head that can be tightened or loosened with a standard screwdriver or a socket wrench, making them convenient to work with.

6. Corrosion Resistance: The materials used in the construction of these clips often exhibit excellent corrosion resistance properties. This feature is especially important when dealing with automotive applications, where exposure to moisture and various liquids is common.

7. Durable and Long-lasting: Due to their robust construction and resistance to corrosion, mini jubilee hose clips are durable and long-lasting. Once installed, they require minimal maintenance and can withstand the test of time.

8. Cost-Effective Solution: These hose clips offer a cost-effective solution for securing hoses compared to other complex and expensive methods. Their reliability and longevity make them an economical choice for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

9. Widely Available: Mini jubilee hose clips are widely available in automotive supply stores, hardware stores, and online retailers. They come in packs, such as the 10 X pack mentioned in the title, which provides a convenient option for purchasing multiple clips at once.

10. Wide Range of Applications: While their name suggests they are mainly used for fuel lines, jubilee hose clips are versatile enough to be used in various applications beyond fuel systems. They can be employed in coolant systems, radiators, vacuum lines, and wherever a secure hose connection is needed.

In summary, 10 X Mini Fuel Line Jubilee Hose Clips are indispensable components for securing hoses in automotive and industrial settings. With their adjustable size, secure fastening, and durability, they ensure a reliable and leak-proof connection, making them a trusted choice for professionals and DIYers alike.


  • Mini Fuel Line Diesel or Petrol Pipe Jubilee Hose Clips

  • Carbon Steel Bright Zinc Plated.

  • Excellent for sealing hoses against loss of liquid.

  • Clips have a 9mm band width.

  • Cross-head mounting screw for easy installation

  • Hexagonal head can be Tightened or Loosen with a socket wrench or a screw driver, then thread the pipe through the hose clamp and adjust the fit size tighten the screw

  • Apply to securing hoses, pipe, cable, tube, fuel lines in home applications, automotive, industrial, boat/marine etc.

  • Hose clips assorted made of Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Material, Sturdy and Durable, Anti-Rust and Anti- Corrosive.