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 10X Storage Hooks Utility Double Wall Mount Garage Organization Tools Heavy Duty


 10X Storage Hooks Utility Double Wall Mount Garage Organization Tools Heavy Duty

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Experience the epitome of garage organization with the 10X Storage Hooks Utility Double Wall Mount. These heavy-duty hooks are designed to transform your cluttered space into a streamlined haven, allowing you to optimize storage and create a more functional and organized environment.

Crafted with durability in mind, these storage hooks are built to withstand the demands of heavy tools and equipment. Their robust construction ensures they can handle a variety of items, making them ideal for storing everything from bicycles and ladders to gardening tools and sports equipment.

The double wall mount design provides twice the storage capacity, allowing you to make the most of your available space. By utilizing both sides of the hook, you can hang multiple items securely, freeing up valuable floor and shelf space and creating a cleaner and more efficient workspace.

Installation is a breeze with these utility hooks. Equipped with reliable hardware, you can easily mount them on your garage walls or any other suitable surface. This straightforward installation process means you can have your storage solution up and running in no time, enjoying the benefits of a tidier space.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a professional tradesperson, or simply seeking to declutter your garage, these storage hooks offer versatile solutions for various items. The heavy-duty design ensures that your valuable tools and equipment are safely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.

In summary, the 10X Storage Hooks Utility Double Wall Mount is your gateway to a more organized and efficient garage space. Their heavy-duty construction, double wall mount design, and easy installation make them an essential addition to any garage or workspace. Elevate your storage game and reclaim your space with these versatile and reliable storage hooks.

  • Perfect for your Garage : Stoarge hooks is a set of 10 wall mounted double hooks.he extended length and anti-slip coating let you organise.nice variety for your garage

  • Different size and functions : The variety Size use for different items for your shed .Such as hanging rope ,hoses or powered cords ,or grill

  • Easy to install :for the Gypsum board ,position the hole on the gypsum board ,knock the big screw in to the gypsum board .for the concrete ,Brick wall ,position the hole on the wall ,knock the wall plugs into the hole ,then twist the small screw into it

  • High quality material : Our sturdy hooks are made of iron which is durable and sturdy. And the hook is anti-slip PVC coated, which can protect our ladder hooks from scratching well.

  • ?Durable?Garage hooks are made of high-quality materials and heavy-duty solid steel, they have good load-bearing properties, are durable and will not cause tools to slip.

  • ?Various Sizes?We offer 5 varying sizes of garage hooks for varying usage: 2 large square hooks, 1 medium square hooks, 4 small square hooks, 1 large J hook and 2 small J hook.

  • ?Easy to Install?With 20 sets of screws and 20 expansion screws, the garage wall hook is suitable for plaster, wood and brick walls. The extended plate design distributes the weight evenly, which provides superior grip.

  • ?Non-Slip PVC Coating?Adopting a strong PVC non-slip coating, it is easy to grasp the item and keep it firmly for many years to protect the surface of the cargo from being scratched. Never worry about your tools falling again.

  • ?Efficient Storage?Garage hooks can hold different tools and remain very strong, such as ladders, bicycles, brooms, shovels, power tools, sports equipment and many other heavy or bulky items. Created for your garage, garden, shop, basement or warehouse An efficient storage space.