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 60cm Wide Angle Security Road Mirror Curved For Burglar Outdoor Safurance Roadway Safety Blind Spots and Deter Theft Traffic Signal Convex Mirror


 60cm Wide Angle Security Road Mirror Curved For Burglar Outdoor Safurance Roadway Safety Blind Spots and Deter Theft Traffic Signal Convex Mirror

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Product Description

A wide-angle security road mirror, also known as a convex mirror, is a curved mirror used for outdoor surveillance, roadway safety, and to prevent theft. It is designed to provide a panoramic view of a given area, including blind spots, which are difficult to see using traditional mirrors. These mirrors are commonly used in commercial and residential areas to increase safety and security.

The curved shape of the mirror allows it to reflect a wider field of view, which makes it ideal for use in areas with high traffic, such as parking lots, intersections, and busy roads. The mirror is mounted on a pole or a wall and positioned at an angle that allows for optimal visibility. This allows drivers and pedestrians to see around corners and blind spots, preventing accidents and improving overall safety.

In addition to roadway safety, convex mirrors are also used for security purposes. They are often placed in strategic locations, such as building entrances, to deter theft and vandalism. The wide-angle view of the mirror allows security personnel to monitor a larger area without having to physically patrol the area, making it an efficient and cost-effective security measure.

Traffic signal convex mirrors are also commonly used to increase safety at intersections. They are placed on traffic signals, allowing drivers to see oncoming traffic from all directions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by blind spots.

Overall, wide-angle security road mirrors are an important safety and security measure that can help prevent accidents, deter theft, and improve overall safety in both commercial and residential areas. They are easy to install, cost-effective, and provide a simple solution to a range of safety and security challenges.

Blind Spot Mirror - Convex Mirror reflects a clear, bright image, used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, injuries and deter theft, improve visibility and safety on existing garages and driveways, also be used to increase security around or in buildings.

Durable - Made of lightweight and shatterproof PC plastic, impact-resistant and water resistant, durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use; resilient mirror surface can automatically return to original status after the external force is withdrawn.

Easy to Install - With mounting bracket for easy installation onto wall, swivel design making it adjustable to any site or angle.

Wide Application - Provides a wide angel view in street corner, intersections, narrow roads, supermarket, garage, parking lot, driveway, stores, warehouses, etc.

Protective Film - Comes with protective film on the mirror surface to prevent the mirror from scratches, suggest to tear the film after installation.


Material: Acrylic

Shape: Round

Size Dimension: 60cm(23.6in)  

Material: Shatterproof PP & PC