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 Pack of 6pcs Reusable Slim Ice Pack for Cool Box Lunch Bag Freezer Blocks Cooler Long Lasting


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 Pack of 6pcs Reusable Slim Ice Pack for Cool Box Lunch Bag Freezer Blocks Cooler Long Lasting

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Product Description

The 6 Pack Reusable Slim Ice Pack is a must-have accessory for keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh during various activities like picnics, travel, and daily use. Designed to fit in cool boxes, lunch bags, and freezers, this slim ice pack provides a convenient and long-lasting cooling solution.

Constructed with durable and food-safe materials, the ice pack ensures the safety of your food and beverages. It is filled with a gel that can be frozen and reused multiple times, making it an eco-friendly alternative to disposable ice packs. By opting for reusable ice packs, you can reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The slim design of the ice pack allows for easy placement in cool boxes, lunch bags, or any other container where you need to keep items cool. Its compact size ensures that it won't take up much space, leaving plenty of room for your food and drinks. Whether you're going on a picnic, a road trip, or simply packing your lunch for work or school, the slim ice pack is a convenient and practical cooling solution.

To use the Reusable Slim Ice Pack, simply place it in the freezer for a few hours until it is fully frozen. Once frozen, it provides a long-lasting cooling effect to keep your items chilled. The gel inside the ice pack stays cold for an extended period, helping to maintain the desired temperature and freshness of your food and drinks.

The ice pack is designed to be leak-proof, preventing any messy leaks or spills that could potentially damage your food or bag. It keeps your food and drinks dry, ensuring that they remain in perfect condition during transportation or storage.

Apart from its primary function of keeping items cool, the Reusable Slim Ice Pack can also be used for first aid purposes. It can help reduce swelling and provide soothing relief for minor injuries such as bumps, bruises, or sprains.

Cleaning the ice pack is a breeze. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or wash it with mild soap and water. Once cleaned, it is ready to be refrozen for future use, making it a cost-effective and practical cooling solution.

In summary, the Reusable Slim Ice Pack is an essential accessory for keeping food and drinks cool and fresh during various activities. Its reusable design, slim profile, and long-lasting cooling power make it an excellent choice for maintaining the desired temperature of your items. By opting for a reusable ice pack, you contribute to reducing waste and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're going on a picnic, traveling, or packing your lunch, the Reusable Slim Ice Pack is a reliable companion for keeping things cool.

  • ULTRA SLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT :- Slim ice packs! Each ice pack weighs less than 4 oz. Great for use in your kids lunch box or lunch bag. Size is 5.25" x 5" x 0.5"

  • LONG-LASTING GEL :- The hard ice pack is ultra slim and compact, but still powerful, a gel filled ice pack retains coldness much longer than ordinary water injected ice packs.

  • MAKES FOOD FRESH AND TASTY :- Ideal for school lunch box ice packs, office lunch bag, or a day out in the sun, fishing trip, hiking and much more. It will keep your food cold and fresh for many, many hours so you can enjoy it fresh and tasty.

  • SAFE & DURABLE :- Ice packs are made from food grade material, safe for daily use. The strong outer layer makes sure ice packs are very durable to reuse for years.

  • EASY TO USE :- Freeze the ice packs in refrigerator for at least 6 hours, and then put into lunch box/bag to keep food fresh. It is better to use with insulated bag to get the best effect.