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 Pro Home Mechanic Folding Rotating Adjustable Bike

Pro Home Mechanic Folding Rotating Adjustable Bike
Pro Home Mechanic Folding Rotating Adjustable Bike

 Pro Home Mechanic Folding Rotating Adjustable Bike

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  • Brand: ANRADL
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This 360° Rotatable Bicycle Mechanics Cycle Repair Workshop Stand is ideal for any professional bicycle mechanic or keen cycling enthusiast who requires a high spec heavy duty repair stand.

It features a high quality robust heavy weight frame with a fixed leg design that gives maximum stability. It has adjustable rubber jaws on the clamp head which will hold a bicycle securely in place but won't scratch the paint finish.

  • Fits standard frame from approx. 25mm to 40mm.
  • Heavy duty construction with 4 folding legs for extra stability.
  • Clamp rotates through 360° to hold bicycle in any position.
  • Clamps fit all standard frames from 25-40mm.
  • Adjustable height from1.8-1.9 Meter.
  • Tube Specifications: 34.55 x 1.5mm, 38 x 1.2mm and 25 x 1.4mm.
  • Pipe Diameter: 4cm(outer).
  • Tray Bar can hold the tools when you mending the bicycle.
  • Tray Bar: 30cm x18cm (L&W).
  • Max. Load: 30kg.
  • Weight Without Packing: about 6.8kg.
  • Weight With Packing: about 8 kg.
  • Material: premium iron.
  • Colour: Black Bike Stand with Blue Clamps.
  • Bike Bicycle Repair Work Stand Rack.
  • 1x Allen Key for Use with Cap Head Screws.
  • 1x Foot Assembly.
  • 1x Telescopic Bar.
  • 1x Bike Support Stand.
  • 1x Tool Shelf.
  • 1x User Manual.