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 Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses Set Party Gift Whisky Glass Tumblers Drinking Wine Boxed Glassware Dishwasher Safe Dads Day


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 Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses Set Party Gift Whisky Glass Tumblers Drinking Wine Boxed Glassware Dishwasher Safe Dads Day

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A set of 2 whiskey glasses is an excellent gift or addition to any home bar. These elegant glassware sets are designed for enjoying your favorite whiskies and other spirits, and are perfect for sharing with friends and family during parties and other gatherings.

One of the key benefits of these whiskey glasses is their stylish design. The glasses are typically made from high-quality, lead-free crystal or other premium materials, which gives them a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress. Many sets also come with an attractive gift box or presentation case, which makes them an excellent gift for whiskey lovers and connoisseurs.

In addition to their stylish design, these whiskey glasses are also designed for optimal enjoyment of your favorite spirits. The glasses typically have a wide, rounded bowl that allows you to swirl and savor the aroma of the whiskey, while also providing ample space for adding ice or other mixers. The thick, sturdy base of the glasses also provides excellent stability, and ensures that they are easy to hold and drink from.

Whether you are enjoying a single malt Scotch, a Kentucky bourbon, or any other type of whiskey, these glasses are an excellent choice for savoring the unique flavors and aromas of your favorite spirits. They are also versatile enough to use for drinking other beverages, such as wine or cocktails, making them a great addition to any glassware collection.

Overall, a set of 2 whiskey glasses is a stylish and practical gift or addition to any home bar. With their elegant design, optimal functionality, and attractive presentation, these glassware sets are sure to impress whiskey enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED ROCKS GLASSES - Each heavy based tumbler holds 8 ounces and is large enough to accommodate 2" whiskey stones, cubes or an ice ball. Glassware is Dishwasher Safe. CAPACITY - ( 2 X 225ML ) . SIZE - 10cm (H) x 9cm (W) From the Top x 6.5cm (W) From the bottom

SOLID ROCK GLASSES - Stunning quality on the Rocks Whiskey Glasses, easy to drink from, non-leaded glasses. Lead-free whiskey tumblers that hold 8 ounces. Capacity to add a whiskey stone or cube to your favourite scotch. A fantastic addition to your own home bar accessories

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MATERIAL - Non-Leaded and food-grade material makes sure men or women enjoy the drinking healthfully and the high-grade glass ensures that the whiskey maintains its taste, enhancing the pleasure of every sip, keeping your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer.

OLD FASHIONED GLASSES - Stunning European influenced scotch whiskey glass design. Ideal to be used as Old Fashioned glasses, Scotch glasses or Low Ball glasses. Glasses come in its own gift box and each quality box has a magnetic closure that shuts with a reassuring snap, meaning your glasses are safely stored for years and generations to come.

PERFECT FOR GIFT - Rock glasses are the best gifts to any wine lovers, they can be used for a variety of drink choices in a casual or formal atmosphere, like weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, birthday, restaurants, clubs or just family gatherings.