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 10mm x 25M Length Adhesive Copper Slug Tape Snail Barrier conductive Repellent Guitar EMI 25M


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 10mm x 25M Length Adhesive Copper Slug Tape Snail Barrier conductive Repellent Guitar EMI 25M

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  • MPN: SLTP-1025MM
  • SKU: SLTP-1025MM
  • Brand: ANRADL
  • Stock: 100pcs

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Product Description

Adhesive Copper Slug Tape Snail Barrier is a versatile and effective solution for protecting your plants from slugs and snails. This copper tape is specially designed to repel slugs and snails by creating a barrier that they will not cross. It is an eco-friendly and safe alternative to chemical pesticides, making it an ideal choice for organic gardening.

The tape is made of high-quality copper, which is a conductive material. This property makes the tape an effective EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding material, which is commonly used in the electronics industry. It is also an ideal material for use in guitar building and repair as it helps to reduce interference and noise.

This adhesive copper tape is easy to use and can be applied to any surface, including plant pots, raised beds, and garden borders. The adhesive backing ensures that the tape sticks firmly to the surface, even in damp conditions. The tape is also easy to cut to size, making it suitable for use in any area of your garden.

In addition to its effectiveness as a slug and snail barrier, the adhesive copper tape is also an attractive addition to your garden decor. The shiny copper color adds a touch of elegance to your plants and surroundings.

The Adhesive Copper Slug Tape Snail Barrier is a durable and long-lasting solution that can protect your plants from slugs and snails for up to a year. Its conductivity and EMI shielding properties make it a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of applications beyond gardening.

Overall, this copper tape is a practical and affordable solution for protecting your plants from slugs and snails, while also providing other benefits like EMI shielding and an attractive appearance. With a 25-meter length, it is suitable for use in large gardens or for multiple applications.

  • Strong Durable Tape- made from Pure High Grade 50 Microns thick copper. The self-adhesive copper tape can stick around your pots and containers, or to create a slug barrier around just about anything. As well as keeping slugs at bay, copper tape adds a touch of class to an otherwise ordinary container. 
  • Save Your Garden from Slugs and Snails- We are too. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals with our pet safe tape. Simply form a ring around vulnerable plants and our copper tapes natural electrical charge will stop slugs and snails eating your produce. Stick almost anywhere with our extra strong adhesive, it works whatever the weather. 
  • Say Goodbye to Emi and RFI- Quickly protect your devices from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. From buzzing guitars to computer cables, copper tape offers a quick and simple solution. The adhesive is strong, flexible and highly conductive, making it easy to protect your electronics. 
  • Bring Your Craft Ideas to Life- Bring some new color and textures into one of your craft projects. Easy to shape and mould with a strong adhesive it sticks to almost any clean surface. With its fantastic pure copper colour this truly versatile tape will bring your imagination to life. 
  • Electrical Projects and Repairs Made Easy- We know when it comes to electrics the most important thing is conductivity. That's why we make sure our adhesive and foil have a really low resistance. Making the tape perfect for electrical projects, repairs and even paper circuits. 
  • Widely Used: The tape has a wide variety of uses and will perform perfectly when applied in the following roles: EMI guitar shielding, slug repellent, snail repellent, soldering, stained glass, paper circuits, educational aid, electrical repairs, household repairs, bonding, grounding, decoration and many more. 


  • Thickness: 50 Microns 
  • TapeColour: Cooper 
  • Tape is resistant to oxidization and discoloration. 
  • Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • One side is coated with a strong adhesive which is protected by paper backing on the roll.
  • Size: 10mm x 25m Copper Slug Tape