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 15m Black RJ45 Network Cat7 Ethernet Cable Gold Ultra-thin FLAT 10Gbps SSTP LAN Lead


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 15m Black RJ45 Network Cat7 Ethernet Cable Gold Ultra-thin FLAT 10Gbps SSTP LAN Lead

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Cat7 cable, also known as Category 7 cable, is a type of Ethernet cable that is designed to provide high-speed network connections. It is a newer version of the Cat6 cable and offers better performance, especially when it comes to shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk.

Cat7 cables use twisted pairs of copper wires to transmit data, just like other Ethernet cables. However, the difference lies in the construction and design of the cable. Cat7 cables have four individually shielded pairs of wires, each with its own shielding layer. This shielding helps to protect against EMI and crosstalk, which can cause signal degradation and slow down network speeds.

Another key feature of Cat7 cables is their higher bandwidth capacity. They can support data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps, which is twice as fast as Cat6 cables. This makes them ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers.

Cat7 cables are also backward compatible with older Ethernet standards, so they can be used in networks that already have Cat5 or Cat6 cables installed. However, to take full advantage of the higher speeds and performance of Cat7, both ends of the connection need to be Cat7-compatible.

One thing to keep in mind is that Cat7 cables are more expensive than other Ethernet cables, due to their advanced shielding and higher bandwidth capacity. They also require special connectors and installation techniques, which can add to the cost. However, for businesses or individuals who need the highest level of network performance and reliability, Cat7 cables are a great investment.




  • High quality Flat CAT7 SSTP Gigabit Ethernet Network Cable
  • Double Shielded Twisted Pair Cable prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduce crosstalk noise
  • Shielded with Gold plated Contacts resist corrosion, provides durability and ensures a secure connection
  • Tested to support 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps up to 10Gbps networks
  • Work with you devices which have Ethernet Port such as: computer, laptop, network caddy, network switch, Router, ADSL modem and so on
  • Compliance Standards: Compatible with CAT5/5e/6 and CAT7
  • Twisted Pairs with Bright Colors for Easy Recognition
  • Ripcord and Foot Mark for Convenient Use
  • Smooth Flat Jack for Easy Installation and Removal
  • Suitable To Connect With
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Routers
  • Modem
  • Switch
  • Printers (With Ethernet Port).
  • Storage devices
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • CCTV DVR (With Ethernet Port)
  • Tablets
  • Network Camera
  • Shielding: Al-Foil
  • Type: Patch cable
  • Category: SSTP (Flat Double Shielded Structure)
  • Four Twisted Pairs Wrapped With Aluminum
  • AWG: 32
  • Diameter: 1 x 0.08mm
  • Wire Construction: SSTP Pure Copper
  • Gold plated pins inside connectors
  • Available Colours: Black
  • Available Lengths: 15m