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 Orange Black Automatic Cable Wire Crimper Crimping Tool Stripper Adjustable Plier Cutter


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 Orange Black Automatic Cable Wire Crimper Crimping Tool Stripper Adjustable Plier Cutter

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  • Brand: ANRADL
  • Stock: 200pcs

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Product Description

Wire crimpers are tools used to join two or more pieces of wire together by compressing them into a single, secure connection. They are commonly used in electrical and electronic applications, such as wiring harnesses, automotive systems, and computer hardware.

Wire crimpers work by using a series of jaws or dies to apply pressure to the wire and connector, creating a permanent bond between the two. The crimping process ensures that the wires are securely connected and that there is minimal resistance, which can cause electrical issues such as shorts, open circuits, or intermittent connections.

There are different types of wire crimpers available, ranging from manual hand-held tools to automated machines. Manual wire crimpers are typically used for smaller wire gauges and are operated by hand, while automated wire crimpers are capable of handling larger wires and can be programmed to perform multiple crimps at once.

When choosing a wire crimper, it's important to consider the wire gauge, the type of connector, and the frequency of use. Some wire crimpers are designed to work with specific connectors, while others can handle a range of sizes and types.

Overall, wire crimpers are essential tools for anyone working with electrical or electronic systems. They provide a safe and reliable method for joining wires and connectors, ensuring that your systems function properly and without issue.



  • Self-Adjusting with cushion handle grip.
  • Side insertion of wire for ease of use. Integrated wire cutter and crimping jaws.
  • Heavy duty construction with hardened steel blades for outstanding long term performance.
  • For striping the plastic / rubber insulation on single / multiple cables and wires of 0.5 - 6mm.
  • Stripping diameter can be adjusted automatically for different wire cross sections.
  • For copper and aluminum wires, multiple strand up to 6mm, single strand up to 0.5mm.


  • Tool size: 20.5 cm (L) 6.5cm (W)
  • Alloy steel jaws: Hardness for all wire from 10AWG to 24AWG gauge (0.2-6.0mm)